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100 things to track in your planner

Not sure what all you can track in your planner? Then download this handy overview of 100 things to track in your planner. Print it out on A4 paper and cut it to size along the cutting lines. Of course it is also available in the webshop – Click here to go to the product.

Free downloads

Daily gratitude

My Daily Gratitude Inserts are designed to help you reflect each day on the things you are grateful for. These inserts provide a structured way to encourage and reinforce positive thoughts and feelings by making daily notes of gratitude. To make the document fit your planner, print out the insert on a4 paper and cut/cut the insert on the cut lines.

Of course, it is also available in the webshop  – Click here.

My daily gratitude


Goal cards in the format of a business card, there are 9 cards on 1 A4 sheet. Print them out on thicker paper, cut them out along the lines and they fit perfectly in the inserts for the quote/businesscards.

Free downloads

Cleaning schedule

This is a weekly cleaning schedule. Print it out on A4 paper and cut out along the lines. It fits perfectly in 1 of the insert covers or fix it with a paper clip to one of your dividers.

Free downloads

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