Your Personal Organizer

How do I order an organizer?

Very easy! You can order Your Personal Organizer in 5 simple steps.

For a complete explanation on how to do that, go to ‘How do I order’.(+link)

What size is the organizer?

The organizer = A5 size. Why? Because it is easy to take with you AND you still have all the space inside you need for your to do’s.

Can I use the organizer next year?

Yes, you can buy organizer refills in the online store.

How many pages fit in the Your Personal Organizer?

Depending on what accessories you choose, a 150 – 200 pages can fit in Your Personal Organizer.


Didn’t receive a confirmation

I’ve ordered and paid but I haven’t received a confirmation.

If you’ve ordered and paid your organizer, you’ll receive an automatic confirmation. If you haven’t received one check your SPAM folder. If you can’t find a confirmation there either, please contact us by email: info@your-personal-investment.nl

Can I still change my order?

Exceptionally you can change your order, please contact us a.s.a.p.: hello@your-personal-organizer.com and tell us why you would want to change your order.

Where can I find the invoice of my order?

The invoice is send automatically, it is attached to your confirmation order mail you have received. If you have created an account you can also see your invoice there.


When will my order be shipped?

If everything is in stock your order will be shipped within 1-3 business days.

How will my order be shipped?

All orders in the Netherlands will be shipped with PostNL and will be sent as a parcel or letter package with track & trace. Orders outside the Netherlands will be shipped with DPD, DHL or UPS and always as a package.

Can I have my order delivered to someone else?

When you place your order, you can choose to have it delivered to a different address. In this way you can surprise someone else by giving them our Your Personal Organizer as a present!

How is it possible that after completing or redeeming a gift certificate or discount code, I have to pay shipping costs even though I have ordered for at least 125/175 euros?

We understand your concerns.  Let us explain.

When using a discount code, the amount ordered when using the discount code can drop under € 100, so you pay the normal shipping. In an exceptional case, it can be more beneficial not to use a discount code and get free shipping as a result.  In the end, it is what you choose or prefer.


Can I return my order?

Should it happen that the delivered item is not quite what you expected, then you can return it under the following conditions.

All conditions for returns can be found here: Return Policy

No returns possible for all custom made items and personalized items!


Do you still have questions after reading this F.A.Q.? Please contact our customer service; hello@your-personal-organizer.com

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