Daily planner

Daily planner

Daily planner, daily plans or daily reminders? It is all in the mind but you better write your daily plans in a diary. Why?  People tend to forget important things even though they are sure that they’ll remember them. 

Did you know that if you write something down, you remember it up to 60 percent more? That is a fact! In no way will you manage to remember the same things when you type them in your mobile or computer.  Handwritten things  last longer in your mind.

Just read our blog ‘8 reasons why a paper diary is better.’

Daily planner for your daily plans

What are your plans for today? Do you know? Have you written them down somewhere? Maybe you have set an alarm on your mobile as a reminder.  Now be honest, when that alarm goes off, do you immediately respond to it? Or do you convince yourself that you will remember it for later?

Sounds familiar?

You need a daily planner with structured inserts in a paper diary. Our diary or complete calendar is more than just a diary. It contains inserts with to-do lists, notes, address or mailing lists, social media planners and even a food diary! 

Because life is full of challenges in every possible way.  It might be a good idea to write down what is important for you. 
For example: Are you on a special diet for food allergies? You can keep track of what you eat in our complete diary. Or maybe you are an entrepreneur and you create your social media posts once a week. Write you creative ideas and your daily plans in our daily planner. Creativity doesn’t come once a week, it just pops up and that’s why you have to write those thoughts down! 

Daily paper planner

Why paper? There are lots and lots of reasons!  Here are a few:

  1. As stated, you’ll remember your daily plans better.
    Extra: writing things down is good for your handwriting as in general we don’t write much anymore.
  2. When you type something on your phone you know you’ll scroll to social media or check your mail quick.  You’ll get distracted from the thing you were doing which is: writing down your daily plans in your daily planner. As a result, you can’t remember the reason you’re on your phone.
  3. Peace.  Writing your business down in a daily planner or complete diary will give you peace.  As you are writing, you structure your thoughts and you take some time to think about your plans for the day. 

Why our daily planner or complete diary is good for you!

Besides that our daily planner is a complete and useful diary it comes with a lot of extras you can choose from. Take our inserts for example:

  • Brain dump sets!  Yahoo! You can write down your brain dump at any time in our specially made inserts. When you feel the need to clear your head, take your daily planner and write your creative thoughts down.
  • Need a change in your daily habits regarding time management, to-do’s or food choices for example? We got your back! You can order our Habit tracker
  • Choose our meeting notes when you want to remember certain things while you are in a live or online meeting.  You won’t need separate pieces of paper anymore as you can keep your notes all structured in your daily planner.

Daily planner as Your Personal Organizer

Convinced? Order your daily planner here:

Enjoy your peace of mind as you’ll remember your daily plans better.  We are sure our complete diaries will help you structure your thoughts. Take a look at our website and find out all the extras we have to personalize Your Personal Organizer.

It’ll benefit you and your mind!

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