8 reasons why a paper planner works better

8 reasons why a paper planner works better

Remember when we all run to the stores to be the first to get that cool agenda? We put everything in it, from schedules to pictures and sometimes we write a little homework in it. Over the years the smartphone arrived and the paper agenda was pushed aside for the digital agenda. In the last few years we have seen a change in this.

The classic agenda as we know it from the old days has got competition from the agenda planner.

This complete planner is more than just an agenda. It includes to-do lists, notes, address lists, meal planners and even complete workout planners!


Whether paper still has a future is a question that is frequently asked in the digital world. I can only answer with a resounding ‘YES’. Research by market research agency Gfk and Brepols shows that about 70% of the adults still use a paper agenda. Of these, no less than 92% say they will continue to use them in the future.

8 reasons why a paper planner works better

  1. Memorize better; Things you write down you remember much better. Of course, your agenda planner means that you don’t have to remember everything, but how nice is it if you roughly know your daily schedule & to do’s. Besides that it is also good for your memory!
  2. Independent; By using a classic agenda planner you are no longer dependable on your phone. Because look at yourself honestly, secretly we just spend way too much time on our phone/laptop. That moment when your battery runs out and your phone cuts out… you never have that with a paper agenda.
  3. Happiness; The first moment you open your new paper agenda and determine to write in it properly, a digital agenda doesn’t give you that feeling. In fact, after two weeks your agenda will look just like your previous agenda, although with our erasable pens and markers, that is definitely a thing of the past!
  4. Peace; A paper agenda planner creates peace in your mind. Because you have everything together, no loose notes wandering around and you have everything in 1 place together.
  5. Organize; Writing everything down allows you to organize your thoughts.
  6. Sound; A paper agenda doesn’t make any sounds, this will ensure that you won’t be distracted.
  7. Creativity & personality; A paper agenda has endless possibilities, quickly write down that one beautiful quote, make a drawing during a boring meeting, or write down that useful website. By unleashing your creativity even your mood improves!
  8. Overview; A classic agenda gives you a better overview of all your appointments/day planning. This makes it easier to see if you still have room for that one appointment.

Agenda planner

Our paper agenda planner – the Your Personal Organizer is a perfect match. You decide what kind of content you use and what inserts you need. No more messing around with an agenda that you never use.

What do you prefer, a digital or paper agenda?

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